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Atelier promotes Kampot pepper by showcasing its terroir; the set of unique environmental factors and farming practices affecting the Kampot pepper culture.

The company focuses on slowly matured products and design rooted in local culture.

Conscious of the long-term impact human actions have on the community, Atelier conveys sustainable values to local employees and farmers.

The promotion of conscious tourism, a fair-trade economy and sustainable development build the foundation and core of the company’s beliefs.


Remodeling a

1945 Chinese Shop-house

The adventure of discovering the world’s best pepper starts in Atelier’s boutique itself and its immediate surroundings. The building is a piece of living history located on Kampot’s riverfront.

In 2013 the Meinnel family acquired a historical shophouse on Kampot’s riverside. Even though the house was very deteriorated, its charm remained intact and the family decided to restore the facade respectfully, preserving it for collective memory.


Architectural challenges resulting from that decision lead to Atelier’s artisan mindset, offering a holistic approach to Kampot pepper, promoting slowly matured products and design rooted in local culture. Introducing contemporary finishes and comfort, the architect revived traditional construction techniques in order to preserve the historical facade of the building.


The house is a manifest for the preservation of old shophouses in Kampot.


Founded by two French-Cambodian brothers, Atelier aims to protect and maintain traditions and culturally rooted wisdom.

Khmer-French brothers Antoine and David Meinnel combine their culinary and design talents to share their enthusiasm the beautiful region of Kampot. While Antoine is an architect with an established company in Phnom Penh called Bloom Architecture, David has a background in commerce and studied as a pastry chef in Paris.

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