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KPPA LOGO Kampot Pepper Atelier Kampot 1945
PGI khmer LOGO Kampot Pepper Atelier Kampot 1945
PGI LOGO Kampot Pepper Atelier Kampot 1945
ORGANIC CERTIFICATION Kampot Pepper Atelier Kampot 1945
ECOCERT LOGO Kampot Pepper Atelier Kampot 1945

The best pepper in the world

protected by a geographical indication

Kampot pepper’s flavour and intense aroma have made it one of the most highly regarded peppers in the world. Kampot Pepper was the first Cambodian product and is the only peppper in the world to be granted with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. This label certified by ECOCERT, it guarantees a required standard of farming methods and techniques amongst the members of the PGI.

Auguste Pavis Atelier Kampot 1945 Pepper

Black Kampot Pepper
Intense yet Mild

Auguste, our signature Black Kampot Pepper is a strong character but you will soon love its delicate nuances.


Its tastes goes deep in mouth and lasts long on the tongue, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint. It perfectly empowers grilled meats when milled fresh on the plate.  

Marguerite Duras Atelier Kampot 1945 Pepper

White Kampot Pepper
Fresh and Delicate

 Margueritte, our signature White Kampot Pepper is the red pepper which outer coat is removed by soaking it for 4 to 5 days.


It develops a delicate bouquet and aromas, concealing hints of fresh herbs and lemon. It is sublime with any fish.

L'amant Atelier Kampot 1945 Pepper

Red Kampot Pepper
Powerful and Sweet

 L'amant, our signature Red Kampot Pepper is sweeter and less spicy than the black variety with a more rounded flavor.

The Red Kampot Pepper is the region’s flagship product, it delivers fruity aromas, with sweet notes of red fruit and honey. It is ideal to enhance the flavor of your salad or chocolate and fruit desserts, particularly when added to strawberries and pears.

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