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PGI LOGO Kampot Pepper Atelier Kampot 1945
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The best pepper in the world

protected by a geographical indication

Kampot pepper’s flavour and intense aroma have made it one of the most highly regarded peppers in the world. Kampot Pepper was the first Cambodian product and is the only peppper in the world to be granted with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. This label certified by ECOCERT, it guarantees a required standard of farming methods and techniques amongst the members of the PGI.

Now, Kampot pepper is a globally renowned luxury gourmet product and is the first Cambodian product to obtain the World Trade Organization’s geographical indication (GI) status in 2010, linking the quality of the product to its origin. The same status protects the renowned Champagne from France and Parmesan Cheese from Italy.
Dried ground pepper has been used since antiquity for both its exquisite flavour, medicinal benefits and curative powers.

The Pepper Nigrum is a vine native to south India and is extensively cultivated in tropical regions. The know-how for the pepper culture has been transmitted from generations as old as Angkorian Civilizations and arrived in Cambodia when the Chinese pepper planters settled in the Kampot region in the 13th century. Recent historical events endangered the cultivation severely and the Kampot pepper culture and knowledge almost disappeared.

Fresh Green Pepper

Is harvested when still young on the vein, causing the green pepper aromas to literally explode on the palate with a very mild pepperiness.
It accommodates perfectly a grilled squid dish, or fried seafood



Dried Black Pepper

Delivers a strong and delicate aroma. Its taste can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet, it lingers on the tongue, and leaves hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint.
Dried black pepper subtly empowers grilled meats and fish when milled fresh on the plate, and is equally delicious with salad, pasta, pork, beef or lamb recipes.

Dried Red Pepper

Is the region’s flagship product. It delivers fruity aromas, with sweet notes of red fruit and honey. It is ideal to enhance the flavour of your salad, or chocolate and fruit desserts, particularly when added to strawberries and pears. This disconcerting pepper allows for the wildest combinations, from wild meat seasoning to vanilla desserts.
Harvested when the berry is fully matured on the vine, Kampot red pepper delivers a powerful and fruity aroma. Its taste combines a gentle sweetness with the spicy, mature flavor of black pepper.






Dried White Pepper

is the red pepper with the outer coat removed by a 5-day soaking process. It develops a delicate bouquet of aromas, concealing hints of fresh herbs and lemon. It is sublime with any dish.
Kampot red and white peppers are extremely rare due to the difficulty of harvesting fully mature pepper.

Flower of Salt

The Caviar of Sea Salts

Very few salt production sites in the world carry the ideal weather conditions to produce Flower of Salt. The exceptionally big salt crystals can only be found where the extraction of sea salt is based on a natural process and is harvested manually.

Produced on the Cambodian coast, along the Gulf of Thailand, Kampot’s sea farms provide for most of the country’s salt consumption, additionally to the exquisite flower.

The flower of salt is not used during the cooking process. It is a flavour-boosting garnish, sprinkled over the dish just before serving to reinforce the flavour and enhance its visual appeal and texture.

Organic and compliant with highest standards


Authentic Kampot Pepper is 100% organic and certified by Ecocert, a French organic certification organization.

Both the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce, as well as the European Union, request a range of requirements which all Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) members must comply with. Atelier is proud to be part of KPPA since 2015.

Black Kampot Pepper
Intense yet Mild

Auguste, our signature Black Kampot Pepper is a strong character but you will soon love its delicate nuances.


Its tastes goes deep in mouth and lasts long on the tongue, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint. It perfectly empowers grilled meats when milled fresh on the plate.  

White Kampot Pepper
Fresh and Delicate

 Margueritte, our signature White Kampot Pepper is the red pepper which outer coat is removed by soaking it for 4 to 5 days.


It develops a delicate bouquet and aromas, concealing hints of fresh herbs and lemon. It is sublime with any fish.

Red Kampot Pepper
Powerful and Sweet

 L'amant, our signature Red Kampot Pepper is sweeter and less spicy than the black variety with a more rounded flavor.

The Red Kampot Pepper is the region’s flagship product, it delivers fruity aromas, with sweet notes of red fruit and honey. It is ideal to enhance the flavor of your salad or chocolate and fruit desserts, particularly when added to strawberries and pears.


Kampot pepper exists since the Angkorian Empire, it is referred to in ancient books such as the transcripts from Chinese explorer Tcheou Ta Kouan in 13th century. French colons will develop this commerce and intensify to 8 000 tons a year without conceding anything on the quality. The pepper quality is improved to most excellent standards in the 20th century before the Khmers rouges regimen of terror in 1975 this culture with an agriculture solely based on rice production. Kampot pepper disappeared in the dark 30 years that followed.

After year 2000 the farmers started to come back to their land and to rediscover the Kampot pepper culture. With the impulse of the international community Kampot pepper is now on his way back to the plates of the best restaurants globally.